How to learn seo in pakistan 2022 [Learn Everything]

SEO is the finest skill in Digital marketing. Because if you know seo you can do anything. Because with seo you get free traffic, clients, Students, and sales. But for that, you need to learn how seo works. For that in this article, you will get a detailed guide on How to learn seo in Pakistan.

Before I give you the road map that leads you to your success. I am giving a quick introduction about what is seo, Why you need to learn seo then dive into the roadmap. 

The full form of seo is Search engine optimization. It’s a process to rank your content on the search engine to get traffic. SEO is a short process that starts with keyword research then onpage seo, off-page seo, and technical seo, and ends with article writing. 

I clear something in the start lot of people think the scope of seo is ended. But I am telling you honestly it’s just started. The scope of seo in Pakistan goes high. So just chill out and start working on it. Because seo is the best skill to earn money online in the long term. 

I count seo as passive skills, passive skills are skills that you don’t need to get every time new clients like logo designing. In seo a client you get to pay you long term. Because seo project usually needs 6 months. 

Let’s dive into the main topics. 

Start with Basic 

The most important thing in seo is basic if you cover your basics strongly. Then you understand seo easily. Honestly, nobody tells you that seo is easy. Because in Pakistan I find a low amount of people who actually know how seo works. 

So first learn what is the types of seo, Types of SEO techniques. Because on youtube I see a lot of videos where the host asks you to make millions of backlinks. Backlinks are 20% of seo if you properly do onpage seo and keyword research. 

You don’t need page seo, Offpage helps you to increase the traffic on the website. So learn how to get traffic on the website. Because there are a lot of ways that help you to get traffic on your site. I use personally a lot of methods to get traffic on-site. 

Learn how search engines work

Search engines are a good design program on the internet. That is made to collect data and serve the audience. Google is the top search engine on the internet. So a lot of seo experts optimize sites only with google. 

But there are other search engines that a lot of people can’t know like bing, yahoo, Yandex, and duck duck go. So if you want to get traffic in your early stages then must try to rank on these search engines. 

Now let’s talk about how search work. Search engines have 3 steps to show your content on positions. The first step is crawling in this step search engines send their bots to your site. That collects information from your site. 

The second step is indexing in this step search engines understand your content type and category. In the third step, search engines decide to give you a suitable position on the base of your site’s seo and authority. 

How to learn seo in Pakistan

Now let’s talk about the way to learn seo in Pakistan. If you are a complete beginner then you have two ways. It depends on your financial condition. The first one is free and the second one is free. If you want to learn seo for free. 

Then go on youtube and just search seo in urdu. You found a lot of videos that help you to learn about seo. But if you have money to spend then buy a course because in a course you get a mentor.

That teaches you how it actually seo works. But don’t buy that course where your mentor can’t do anything about seo. First, check the background of your mentor, and then if you find your mentor has strong skills in seo. 

Then pay for the course, because on the course you get all information in one palace and at the pulse point you get a mentor. That solves your queries but if you are passionate about seo then don’t spend anything on the course. 

Just follow some great experts who do very well in seo. I recommend your youtube channel Digital Hamza. Where you learn SEO, and blogging-related guides. Must check I honestly learn a lot from this sir. 

Types of SEO

There are the 3 types of seo onpage seo, off-page seo, and technical seo. Every work that you do on your website to get traffic that all process called onpage seo. Off-page, seo is a process that you choose to get traffic on your site.

But off-page can’t apply on your website, for example, backlinking, making a youtube video,s and placing links in descriptions. In short, every way which helps you to get traffic on your site is called off-page seo. 

In technical seo, you will optimize your hosting servers to ensure that your website is fine and easily rank on google. Technical seo is a new thing that introduces in 2015. Before 2015 there are only two types onpage and off-page. 

These are the three types that fail if you can’t focus on your keyword research skills. Which is the most important part of seo. Because these types you only apply for some month. When your site gains ranking and authority. 

Then only two works that you need to do that’s keyword research and Article writing. So focus on these two things. 

Keyword research 

Keyword research is the first step that starts seo. But before we discuss what is keyword research. First, discuss what is keywords, keywords are phrases that you search in google or any search engine to get your results. 

So keyword research is the process to find profitable keywords for your site. Keywords have a lot of metrics like search volume, CPC, competition, and many more. But these are the main 3 that everyone sees in keywords. 

Types of keywords

There are two types of keywords short tail and long tail. The short tail keywords are 1 or 2 words keywords. These types of keywords are hard to rank and can’t show you the real intent. for example “shoes” keyword can’t define which information the audience needs. 

For example, you make an article on the base of information and the reader’s intent in buying. Then your article is wasted. So for that lot of people target long-term keywords. Because long tail keywords show the intent like “Best shoes for students”

This keyword clearly shows a person who searches this keyword needs shoes for students. Long tail keywords have 3 to 5 words and these types of keywords are easily rankable. 

I think you get your information these are the basics that i cover in this article I hope you like my article How to learn seo in Pakistan.

Thanks for reading this article

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