Warid internet packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Mar-2022)

If you have a warid sim then this blog is for you. because here you find warid internet packages. Which helps you to get your desired packages. That saves you money. But before I will give you the list of warid packages. There is something which you need to know.

warid internet packages

Warid was the seventh company. Which provide their services in Pakistan. Warid was run by the Abu Dhabi group. and in 2017 waird and Mobilink merged and make jazz. Which is the best GSM, HPSA, LTE service providers in Pakistan. So Jazz/warid is the same company.

If you have a warid sim then you activate jazz packages. Also if you have a jazz sim then you activate warid packages. Basically, Jazz provides you with a lot of internet budget packages. Because jazz knew the importance of the internet. Also, jazz has the largest subscriber base. Which makes jazz Pakistan the largest telecom company.

Jazz provides you with all types of packages. But jazz calls and SMS packages are more popular. Because of the sim lagow offer. Jazz attracts lots of customers with this offer. If someone buys a new sim.

Then jazz gives 50 minutes, 3000 SMS, and 1500 MBS internet, for 60 days. Which attract a lot of new customers. Also, jazz is the oldest services provider. So for that reason, jazz has a 55 million customers base. Also, jazz provides a lot of other services which attracts more clients. and day by jazz get new customers.

Warid internet packages

The drawback found In jazz is low spreading. That’s mean in Pakistan some rural area cannot access jazz proper services. But if you are living in cities then jazz provides you with great services. The biggest competitor jazz has zong.

Because day by day jazz grows with double trouble speed. In some areas where jazz has no services but zong provides their services. If jazz cannot focus on villages and ruler areas. Then with the short time period jazz lost its customers.

Monthly packages

Monthly pakages are best for an office-going person. Because I know every office person get salary in the start of the month. Like me when I get the salary I go to the shop and ask the person to activate the package according to my budget. Which makes me tension free for a month. Now You get the list of warid monthly internet packages list.

Packages NamepricesDurationVolumeActivation Code
Jazz Monthly WhatsappRS: 7924 Hours for month5GB**101*1*02#
Jazz Monthly Browser PackageRs 21524 Hours (Valid for 30 days)4GB (2GB from 2 AM - 2 PM)Dial *117*77#
Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Package Rs 70 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 5000 MB for WhatsApp only (12000 SMS to all networks )Dial *101*1*02#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package Rs 885 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 20GB, (10GB from 2 AM - 2 PM) Dial *117*32#
Jazz Monthly 3G 4G Package Rs 250 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 3GB Internet Data Dial *117*31#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package Rs 120 (2AM-2PM) (Valid for 30 days) 5000MBs Dial *117*34#
Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package Rs 299 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 100 MB (1000 On-Net Minutes, 100 off net, 1000 Sms )Dial *3500#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Rs 600 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 12GB Dial *117*30#
Jazz Free Music Monthly Package Rs 330 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 1500 MB ( SAAVN) | Dial *502*3*1#
Jazz Super Duper Rs 577 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 3GB ( 3000 SMS, 3000 On-Net Minutes & 100 Off-Net Minutes)Dial *601#
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle Rs 500 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 1,000 MB (10,000 On-Net Minutes (Daily limit 333 minutes), 50 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS )Dial *430#
Jazz Super Duper Plus Rs 1000 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 8GB (4000 On-Net Minutes, 200 Off-Net Minutes, 4000 SMS )Dial *707#
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package Rs 596 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 5000 MB Internet Data (200 All Networks minutes, 1500 SMS )Dial *2000#
Jazz Monthly Mega Rs 375 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 8GB, (4GB from 2 AM - 2 PM) Dial *117*31#
Jazz Monthy Internet Basic Package Rs 999 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 15GB (1AM - 9AM) Dial *117*71#
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer Rs 0.06 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) 1500 MB (except 9PM - 1AM) | 3000 On-Net Minutes, 3000 SMS Dial *551#

Best Pakages Details

1. Jazz Monthly Browser Package: You can activate this package by Dial *117*77#. This is the best warid monthly package for you if you are a social media user. Because you get 4GB (2GB from 2 AM – 2 PM) in just RS215.

2. Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Package: Now you ask why you add the SMS package to the list of internet packages. Yes, this is the SMS package. But you get 5000 MB for WhatsApp. Which is best for you if you are a Whatsapp user. The best part is the price of this package is RS70 and you activate *101*1*02#.

3. Jazz Monthly Supreme Package: If you are a supreme user of the internet like me. and love you use all social media, especially you like to steam youtube. Then this is the best package for you. Because you get 20GB, (10GB from 2 AM – 2 PM) in just RS885.

4. Jazz Monthly Mega Plus: This is the best offer for everyone. Because you get 12 GB of data in just RS600. Which you get for 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days). If you are a person which uses social media or some surfing on youtube and a browser. Then This is best for you.

5. Jazz Super Duper Plus: If you are a person like me. Which need SMS, internet, calls. Then this package is best for you. Because here you get 8GB (4000 On-Net Minutes, 200 Off-Net Minutes, 4000 SMS ) in just RS1000. This might be a great option for you.

Weekly Warid internet Packages

Monthly pakages are the budget pakages for those persons. Which want to spend one time. The drawback of monthly packages are you pay a high amount. In that return, you get low data for using. Now, these days every person needs a lot of GBs. Because of youtube and TikTok.

Everyone loves to consume videos. That uses a  lot of data. For that person, weekly pakages are best. Because you get a very good value of the package in little amount. Also if you love to download movies, songs are anything. Then weekly pakages for you. Because jazz provides you great value pakages for you.

Package NamePricesDurationVolumeActivation Code
Jazz New SIM OfferRs 997 Days1GB, 1000 SMS, 1500 Jazz, Warid minutesDial *191#
Weekly Mega PlusRs 2757 Days25GB (10GB from 2AM - 2PM)Dial *453#
Jazz Work From HomeRs 957 Days10 GB DATA Unlimited Jazz Mins (8AM - 6PM)Dial *117*14#
Jazz Weekly Super PlusRs 897 Days5 GB DATA for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & FacebookDial *660#
Jazz Weekly PremiumRs 1697 Days4 GB DATA 50 All Network MinsDial *117*47#
Haftawar All Rounder OfferRs 1207 Days1 GB DATA ( 1000 Jazz Mins 50 Other Network Mins​1000 SMS​ ) Dial *747#
Weekly MegaRs 21024 hours (Valid for 7 Days)7GBDial *159#
Karachi Haftawar Data OfferRs 707 Days3 GB Data + 10 GB WhatsApp ( 500 minutes)Dial *545#

Best Packages Details

1. Weekly Mega Plus: This is the best package for everyone in terms of the internet. Because You get 25GB (10GB from 2 AM – 2 PM) in just RS275. Which is the value pack. If you want to activate then Dial *453#. This will fulfill everything like downloading browsing streaming everything.

But my recommendation is if you don’t have work related to downloading or streaming. Don’t buy this one. But if you are a movies or song lover who love to download movies. If you are a student then must see this package. This will definitely be worth buying for you.

2. Jazz Weekly Super Plus: This is another one that is specifically for social media users. I love to use social media. Because in this package, you get 5 GB DATA for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook in just Rs 89. Which is super duper good for you. The best part is you get a youtube package with this. if you want to activate then Dial *660#.

3. Jazz Work From Home: This is the package which you lobe most. Because you get 10 GB DATA Unlimited Jazz Mins (8 AM – 6 PM). That’s the best because 10GB internet all type you can use all social media. youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more.

Also, You will get ultimate jazz mins. That’s might be good for you because with the internet you can talk with your family and friends about this package.

4. Jazz Weekly Premium: Also This is the best package but this is the best for you. If you are use package simply. Because you get 4 GB DATA 50 All Network Mins in just RS169. I think this is not good for you. So check the other packages list Because another one provides you with a great value pack.

5. Karachi Haftawar Data Offer: This is the best package for you. If you need WhatsApp data. But you also need other data for surfing. Then in this package, you get 3 GB Data + 10 GB WhatsApp ( 500 minutes) in just RS70. This is the best budget package for you to activate and enjoy.

Daily Warid Internet Packages

warid has a lot of daily pakages for its users. Which helps you in your emergency. Like most of the packages in this are not best. But This will help you in your emergency situation. Like if you are a student and need to check urgent documents, information or any ting for short time.

Then the daily pakages are best for you. Because in some money you fulfill your requirement. Here is the list of daily packages. Just find which fulfills your requirement and just activate and enjoy.

Package NamePriceDurationVolumeActivation code
Jazz Daily Social RecursiveRs 5.981 Day200MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp onlyDial *455#
Jazz Daily Social BundleRs 71 Day500 MB (Only facebook, and whats app )Dial *114*5#
Jazz Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak)Rs 241 Day 100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM) Dial *117*4#
Jazz Daily SMS WhatsApp PackageRs 5.981 Day10MB for WhatsApp (1800 SMS to all networks)Dial *334#
Jazz Daily BundleRs 101 Day20 MB Internet Data (1500 SMS, Unlimited On-Net Minutes)Dial *340#
Jazz Daily BrowserRs 11.951 Day50MBDial *117*11#
Jazz Apna Shehar OfferRs 101 Day100MB (1500 SMS + unlimited calls to Warid & Jazz)Dial *229#
Jazz Sindh OfferRs 121 Day250MB (1500 SMS, Unlimited On-Net Minutes)Dial *522#
Jazz LBC KPK ( Selected city )Rs 101 Day100MB Internet Data (1500 SMS + unlimited calls to Warid & Jazz)Dial *291#
Jazz Karachi Daily Hybrid LBCRs 101 Day100MB (1500 SMS + unlimited calls to Warid & Jazz)Dial *400#
Jazz Free Music BundleRs 20 1 Day50MB (only for SAAVN)Dial *502*1*1#
Jazz Free FacebookRs 0-----Unlimited data(Only facebook)Go to Free mode any time
Jazz Har Din packageRs 221 Day50MB Internet (only 2G) (500 On-Net Minutes)Dial *114*4#

Best packages Details

1. Jazz Daily Social Bundle: If you are a student or an office person. and need some urgent information or want to check WhatsApp and Facebook. Then this package is for you because in this package you get 500 MB (Only Facebook, and Whatsapp ) in just RS7. That’s the best value pack for you. This package will help you to finish your work.

2. Jazz Apna Shehar Offer: The other offer provided by jazz that excites you is the jazz apna shehar offer. If you need unlimited calls with SMS and internet. Then this package is a gift for you. Because in this package you will get 100MB (1500 SMS + unlimited calls to Warid & Jazz) in just RS10. In my term that’s a great offer for an emergency situation.

3. Jazz Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak): The other detail which I like most is this one. Because if you need to download some file urgently and need internet. Then this is the best package for you. Because you get 100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM) in just RS24. Which is the best for you because you can use 1100MB for downloading and 100 MB for research and surfing after 2 pm.

4. Jazz Sindh Offer: jazz Sindh offer is the upgrade for the jazz apna shehar offer. because this is the same as that offer. But the difference is you get some extra data to use. You get 250MB (1500 SMS, Unlimited On-Net Minutes) in just RS12.

Just spend 2rs extra and get some extra data. But the drawback of this offer is you can use this. If you are from Sindh that’s a bad thing. Because the offer is great but with some restriction. But if you are from Sindh just activate and enjoy this package.

5. Jazz Daily Social Recursive: The last offer which makes its place in this detailed list is the daily social offer. Where you get 200MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only in just RS5.98. that’s also a great offer for you. If you are a social media lover and need some urgent internet check your WhatsApp and Facebook. Just activate and enjoy this offer.


Now it’s time for serious discussion. I added a warid internet packages list for you. They help you to make your life easy. But how do you define which is the best package for you. or how to choose the best package for you.

It totally depends on your requirement. Before buying a package just define your requirement. Like my requirement in calls and internet. For I need a package which fulfills my these requirements. Also, I am working in the corporate sector. Where I get a monthly basic salary.

SO my requirement is I need a package which has calls and internet enough for the month. Because when I get a salary I have money to spend. After in month I can’t afford packages weekly. So like me define your requirements and use the best offer for you.

Some Interesting FAQ’s

Are Warid and jazz the same: Yes warid and Mobilink merge in 2015 and make a brand called jazz? If you have a warid sim you can use jazz all things like a package, cards everything. Also if you have jazz or Mobilink sim you can use warid cards and packages. 

Which country is the owner of Warid: Warid is owned by the middle east largest company called Abu Dhabi group. That’s the middle east’s largest company as well as the single largest investor in Pakistan. 

How can I book my Warid number online: Yes you can book your warid number online from warid official website. Just enter your desired number and you see the list of numbers. If the number is available then book it. Also just search warid golden number on the internet. Then you see a lot of numbers for sale That’s the best numbers and easy to remember. 

How can check Jazz Warid balance: Just dial *100# on your dial pad. Then you will see the balance on your mobile. The balance check price is RS.0.20. 

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